Curling Etiquette

    Sioux Falls Curling asks that all members and league players follow a set of policies and guideline protocols to keep the leagues running smoothly and help create an environment where all are welcome.  Curling, as you may be aware, is very much a gentlemen/ladies sport and over the years a set of ettiquette guidelines has been established by the curling community. As some of you are unaccustomed to our curling ways we will provide you with a few guidelines:


    1. SET UP & TAKE DOWN.

    Each week we ask that all the teams help carry stones, brooms, etc. out to the ice.   We ask two teams in each league to help set up the sheets and prep the ice by pebbling and installing the hacks. At the end of the night we ask that all teams help bring the stones and other equipment to their secure storage location.  Many hands make light work!


    It is customary that the winning team buys a drink for the losing team, and that the two competing teams sit with one another for at least one beverage.


    We ask that all curlers have a clean pair of shoes designated as their "curling shoes" and are carried into the rink.  Before stepping on the ice, clean all debris from your shoes on the carpet squares provided. Unfortunately, any small piece of dirt, hair or dust can stop a stone in its path, so we want to keep the ice as clean as possible.

    4. ASK FOR HELP.

    Most curling members seldom offer advice to anyone about their curling performance, but if you want to learn, ask lots of questions.  As a developing club, Sioux Falls Curling has many curlers with little to no experience, as well as members with significant experience. They will be delighted to help when asked.  The goal is to grow Sioux Falls Curling, and that happens through growing the experience level of every curler.


    It is your responsibility to find your replacement and advise the Skip the name of the curler who will be replacing you. We will provide you with the draw schedule, nights each member curls, and phone numbers of members, but you have to do the rest. Last minute emergencies are the only exception.


    Very often a team of three will win a game against a team of four. The custom of winner buying for the loser is still the norm and often the skip will buy the fourth person on the opposing team a drink. Remember, the skip is buying a drink on behalf of the missing team mate. To be accountable, the missing team mate owes the skip, as it is the missing team mate’s responsibility to find a replacement.


    Membership and league fees are kept as low as possible to be accessible and cover the cost of operating Sioux Falls Curling. Therefore, from time to time you will be called to donate food, help with a committee, or volunteer at a fundraiser, workshop or tournament. We appreciate your support. But don’t wait to volunteer, offer your support when ever you have the time.


    Generally warm clothing is the norm. Pants with some stretch are suggested over jeans.  "Sliders" are provided for delivering the stone, but appropriate and clean foot ware is required. Sneakers are an inexpensive investment to start, but they must not be worn outside.  Curling shoes can be purchased with built-in sliders and a slip over gripper.  Brooms are also provided by Sioux Falls Curling, but individuals may purchase their own.

    9. DRAWS.

    Each night of curling is known as a draw. There is a tight availability of ice time in Sioux Falls, and we do our best to schedule nights and times that work for the majority of our members.  Please be flexible with us if a time or day of the week isn't perfect.  We will continue to adjust these as Sioux Falls Curling grows.  If you have a suggestion, please let us know!

    10. RULES.

    Curling is about playing, socializing and having fun. Let all of us do our part to make this happen.  Visit "Curling 101" on this website to learn more about the game.  Remember also The Spirit of Curling, which begins to outline the sportsmanship expected of all curlers.


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