The Spring League Championship Tournament will be hosted on the Stampede Rink at the Scheels IcePlex.

    The first round of the tournament will have two rounds of draws, one at 2:30pm and the next at 4:30pm.  A team must win their first round draw on Saturday in order to play on Sunday.  

      Team Name      Team Name Time Slot
    #1   Team Chapman (10-0)  vs    #16 Sauna Haus (5-5)  2:30 pm
    #2 Sultans of Sweep (8-2)  vs   #15  Ice Control (6-4)  4:30 pm
    #3 Team Nilson (8-2)  vs   #14 The Contenders (6-4)  4:30 pm
    #4 Sweeping with the Fishes (8-2)  vs   #13 Rock Sweeper Hammer (6-4)  2:30 pm
    #5 No Hogs on Ice (8-2)  vs   #12 On the Rocks (6-4)  2:30 pm
    #6 Interstates (8-2)  vs   #11 Our Returning Champions (6-4)  4:30 pm
    #7 Mutant Ninja Curlers (7-3)  vs   #10 Game of Stones (6-4)  4:30 pm
    #8 Sweep the Leg (7-3)  vs   #9  Sweep Accountants (6-4)  2:30 pm

    League members can log in and check the Member's Home section or look for the Championship Tournament e-mail to see additional information, such as sheet designation.

    For teams that win on Saturday, the second round of the tournament will play from 2:30-4:00pm, the third round is from 4:30-6:00pm, and the Championship round is from 6:30-8:00pm.  All teams that play on Sunday will play in all three games!


    The Spring league has flown by and play has officially concluded. We want to thank everyone across all 5 leagues. Your dedication and excitment is what continues to make Sioux Falls Curling a success!

    We would like to congratulate our individual league winners:

    • Sunday Early:  No Hogs on Ice
    • Sunday Late:  Sultans of Sweep
    • Monday:  Sweeping with the Fishes
    • Tuesday: Team Chapman
    • Wednesday: Team Seiner

    Thank you again to everyone who joined our leagues this year.  The atmosphere was always fun and exciting, and it was great to get to know you all during broomstacking.  There wouldn't be a curling league without you.

    League Party

    Please join us for a League Party on Saturday!  Start the weekend out by watching some great curling and stay for the pizza, arriving around 6:00pm!  It will be a great time to broomstack with your fellow curlers and we will recognize our great volunteers who have given their time and talents over the last year.

    The tournament is FREE and open to the public!  Bring your friends and cheer on your favorite team!

    Championship Tournament

    First Round of Championship Tournament: Saturday, May 18th, 2:30-6:00pm
    Second Round of Championship Tournament: Sunday May 19th, 2:30-8:00pm

    League members can log in and check the Member's Home section or look for the Championship Tournament e-mail to see up-to-date league information, such as schedules, standings, and match-ups.


    Already know how to curl?

    Open Curling is a time for you to come out to polish up your skills, join a pick up game, or practice with your team and have some fun!

    Registration is limited to 8 people. The cost is $5 per person for members and $15 per person for non-members. 

    Click here to register! 


    Upcoming Events at the Club

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